Thursday, 5 September 2013

Admin Script: ADDS DsTools to append user attribute value "IPTel/ipPhone"

My friend requested me on script to help mass appending update value to user attribute "IPTel" (ipPhone) as shown on below screenshot.

Well, the solution is to use what is already available. In this script, i am using ADDS DsTools such as dsquery, dsget, and dsmod to update the user attribute value.

Here is the step:
1. Copy the content of below script into a batch file
2. Copy the batch file in Active Directory Server
3. Edit the batch configuration
    a. AD Users Container
    b. IPTel Prefix/Postfix value
4. Run the batch file
5. Once the batch file completed, the log file will be opened automatically.
6. Review the log file of any error as shown below screenshot

Hope this script will help your day....

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