Saturday, 26 October 2013

Guide to upgrade Microsoft Windows 8 to 8.1

STEP 1: Run System Update Readiness Tool

Refer to my notes for System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 8

STEP 2: Perform Full Backup for Windows System

1. Open Control Panel and select 'Windows 7 File Recovery'

2. Click on link 'Create a system image'

STEP 3: Upgrade to Windows 8.1


1. System Drive (C:) must have sufficient space for upgrade.
    The free space size may vary, but i recommend to have at least 10 GB.

Windows 8.1 Setup Wizard:

1. Insert Windows 8.1 DVD and run 'Setup.exe'

2. Follow Windows 8.1 Setup Wizard and see notes for additional info.

    Note: Select 'Keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps' for full upgrade.

3. Windows 8.1 Setup will restart few times.

STEP 4: Clean Up

1. Once Windows 8.1 Upgrade is completed, open File Explorer and you can see
    the previous Windows System files are stored in 'C:\Windows.old'

2. If the upgrade is successful, the folder 'Windows.old' can be deleted to free up space.

    2.1. Change ownership of 'C:\Windows.old' to 'Administrators' group.
          Note: If there is warning dialog on change ownership, select 'Yes' to apply.

    2.2. Delete the folder permanently by pressing SHIFT+Delete button
                Note: If there is a warning prompt on permanently file deletion,
                do as shown on below screenshot to continue.

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